Social Media Management

What is a social media manager?

A Social Media Manager manages a business’s online presence.

  • I create and maintain brand promotions, company information and marketing campaigns across several social media platforms as well as Google search engine.
  • I monitor, moderate and respond to audience comments, manage social media partnerships between brands, and create shareable images and videos.
  • I create content, schedule content and track content engagement, conversion and success.
  • I strategize and implement digital marketing campaigns. The data from these campaigns are then analyzed and adapted to improve performance and return on investment.
  • I actively troll community Facebook groups in your business’s service area to find potential customers for your company.
  • I set up Google Adword Campaigns for companies to get traffic and lead conversion to their websites.
  • I assist with product launches and event promotions.
  • I set up email campaigns, write blog posts and create website content.
  • I create community and trust around my client’s businesses.
  • I increase overall brand awareness.

My passion is to empower other entrepreneurs by growing their businesses.

I believe that integrity, humility and patience gets you a long way. 

Its about sharing meaningful and valuable content that improves the lives of your followers and potential customers. 

Strategy, research, customer relations, engagement and a human touch is what will improve your online persona.

I am here to add value, to educate and to help you nurture your leads to have them converted into loyal customers.