Is social media management the same as online marketing?

From the surface, social media management and online marketing may appear closely related yet upon further inspection they are two distinct areas of operation. Social media management goes hand-in-hand with branding as it is used to manage public relations and engage with customers in an effort to increase customer loyalty. Conversely, online marketing seeks to promote brands through ads, campaigns, and strategies specifically designed for digital media outlets such as websites, search engines, and email. While some skills from both disciplines may overlap from time to time, each requires its own set of tactics geared towards achieving different objectives for a given business. It is important for businesses to recognize the different roles of social media management and online marketing in order to achieve optimal results.

A social media manager is well-suited for online marketing because their expertise lies in managing social media platforms. They are adept at understanding how particular platforms can be used to promote and market brands and products. Social media managers understand the best practices and trends when it comes to creating content that appeals to target customers while staying true to a company’s brand identity. Through mastering the go-to tactics and metrics within each social platform, they can create campaigns tailored around the desired outcomes of their organization. With effective strategizing and creativity, a dedicated social media manager can successfully push an online marketing agenda forward, delivering results that exceed expectations.  

Can a social media manag​er be good in online marketing?

Will Eleanor - Social Media Manager help guide me to the platforms my company needs to be on?

As a social media manager who has been involved in the industry since 2015, I can provide you with solid knowledge and expertise on which platforms are best for your business or niche. From Twitter to LinkedIn, there are a variety of options that work best for different businesses, and I have experience utilizing the right ones for effective results. Furthermore, I understand how to optimize strategies to deliver customer attention and leads, making sure your go-to-market plan is effective. Understanding the nuances of a complex digital marketing environment is one of my strongest skills, so let me use it to help guide you to success!



The importance of effective social media management on Facebook cannot be overstated. Developing a thorough understanding of your target market and how to best engage with them is essential for success. This knowledge can then be used to create engaging content, monitor the conversation and respond in timely manner. Ample analytical tools exist that provide insights into what types of content generate the most interactions. This sort of insight allows businesses to be more proactive and make informed decisions that help increase brand visibility and improve customer relationships. I have the skills and expertise to shape messages that effectively promote products, services or ideas while remaining sensitive to current trends and potential issues with certain tactics. Making sure your brand is well represented on social media across all sites is key to sustaining loyalty among customers old and new.


When it comes to managing a successful presence on LinkedIn, the right approach should be taken. It is important to publish relevant content regularly and address audience queries in a timely manner, as well as promoting events such as webinars and other virtual experiences. Furthermore, networking plays a big role in social media management for LinkedIn. Reaching out to potential connections can open new doors of opportunity. As professionals navigate the ever-changing world of digital communication, social media management for LinkedIn should be approached in a professional and thoughtful manner to ensure you’re making the most of your presence on this platform.


Instagram has seen a meteoric rise in recent years and is now an important part of the digital marketing toolkit for businesses of all sizes. Using social media management for Instagram can be an effective way to engage with your audience, build relationships, and ultimately grow your customer base. Insta-management services like analytics, scheduling posts, A/B testing content, ads management and real-time response provide entrepreneurs with a holistic approach to managing their presence on this powerful social platform. This streamlined approach helps streamline the workflow associated with staying active on Instagram while also making sure to focus resources where they are needed most. Social media management can make the difference between success or failure when it comes to expanding your Instagram presence and delivering value to your customers.


Effective social media management on Pinterest can be an incredibly powerful tool to help your business grow. A successful content strategy can draw in more followers, increase website visits, boost visibility and enhance the overall reputation of your brand. It’s important to note that the key to a successful Pinterest campaign is consistency. By regularly creating pins, repinning content from other accounts, joining relevant group boards and regularly interacting with pinners, you will be able to gain more exposure for your brand online and build meaningful relationships with potential customers. If done correctly, social media management for Pinterest can prove particularly helpful for small businesses aiming to make an impact on larger audiences.


Social media management for TikTok is a great way to build relationships with your target audience and enhance the visibility of your brand or product. Utilizing TikTok’s unique platform, you can create engaging content that highlights personality, humor, and creativity. Taking full advantage of the various trends on TikTok like hashtag challenges and special-effect lenses is also essential for successful social management. By developing a solid content strategy, understanding the best practices for gaining followers, optimizing posts for discovery, and leveraging TikTok’s analytics to learn more about follower’s behaviors and interests, brands can maximize their opportunities on the platform.


Social media can be a powerful tool for marketing and communication, especially on Twitter. Through thoughtful planning, users are able to create content, plan campaigns and respond quickly to trending topics in order to maximize the impact of their message. Expert social media management on Twitter requires careful scheduling of posts, monitoring followers and the competition, plus measuring success with analytics that are simple and straightforward to analyze. With the right plan in place, businesses can reap a multitude of benefits through effective Twitter engagement with customers.


Setting up a Google My Business account provides many advantages for businesses that decide to take advantage of the platform. Not only does it allow small business owners to create an online directory listing, but it also allows them to stay on top of how the public perceives their business by tracking customer reviews and ratings. In addition, a Google My Business account can improve the visibility of a business in search results since it is indexed by Google searches. As your listing grows in stature and validation, so will your standing as an authority within your area of expertise – furthering brand awareness and growth potential. Finally, when users are searching for business-related products or services you provide they are more inclined to click on a well-organized Google My Business page; this helps increase site visits and thus increase potential sales.


Facebook groups can be an incredibly powerful tool for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals alike. By taking the time to properly set up a Facebook group, you will be able to create a thriving online community with your ideal audience. Members of your group can communicate with each other and build strong relationships while having access to exclusive content or offers you may provide. A well set up group has the potential to become a hub for discussion where people find helpful advice and engaging content. This promotes loyalty among customers and encourages engagement by turning them into brand advocates. Setting up a Facebook group is time-consuming work but can prove invaluable as it is an excellent platform for building brand awareness and connecting with existing and potential customers.

Frequently Asked

Starting any kind of business can be overwhelming, especially with the ever-changing world of social media. A social media manager can help build a strong online presence for your startup business by implementing strategies to engage customers and increase brand awareness. The right social media manager can create a positive, consistent experience across different platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook so that more leads are converted. An effective strategy designed by an experienced social media manager can even save you time and money in the long run as well! It’s more important now than ever before to have a strategic plan in place that incorporates social media into your overall business strategy – having a dedicated social media manager will ensure success.

As a solo social media manager, I am passionate about creating effective campaigns and content which help clients maximize their online presence. My dedication is evident in the extra mile I go to exceed expectations–whether that’s through regularly going beyond core deliverables or collaborating on new ideas for promotional campaigns. Having been in the industry since 2015, my expertise is rooted in an understanding of what works for different platforms, enabling me to provide accurate and well-informed recommendations to clients. With experience under my belt and many happy customers, clients understand why it pays to entrust their projects with someone who has a proven track record.

I understand that creating and completing an important project can be a complex process. That’s why I provide clients with services that are much more approachable than those offered by typical agencies. My clients receive a personalized experience tailored to their specific needs and goals. Not only do I make sure my clients understand the process, but that they have an active role in it as well. As a result, the end product is exactly what you are looking for with no surprises along the way.

E Social Media Management provides direct and far-ranging access to potential clients for businesses. Our Shop It Local groups on Facebook boast over a million users every month, who actively participate and interact with each other and the businesses affiliated with them. Owning and managing these groups allows us to tailor them in such a way that our clients get maximum exposure while engaging, as well as a unique way to advertise their services or products. Because of this direct access to an expansive social media platform, businesses connected with our Shop It Local groups benefit greatly by reaching large numbers of qualified customers.

Investing in paid advertisement on social media is one of the most viable ways for businesses to get noticed and make their presence felt in the world. Professional ‘Sponsored’ or ‘Boosted’ posts by experts can open up an array of possibilities, from increasing organic web traffic to improving brand visibility. For example, they may be able to target a larger and more relevant audience, which will ensure your message is reaching those who are genuinely interested in it. Additionally, professionals know best how to use the right words and images to capture the attention of potential customers. Therefore, investing in professional boost posts on social platforms should definitely be considered as an effective way for a business to reach out beyond its existing portfolio of followers.

It can be hard to know which marketing companies are reputable and which ones to avoid. It’s important to take the time to research the company you are considering for your marketing needs, as a bad experience with one company can cost you more than money; it could mean wasted time and resources. Researching customer reviews is a great way to get an honest look at how their services have been received and help you make an informed decision about who to hire for your marketing task.

Visit the company’s website and read through the range of services they offer, as well as their credentials and guarantees. Doing so can give you insight into what kind of results they may produce and whether or not they are a good fit for your business.

South Africa has unfortunately become a hub for scammers who are targeting business owners with fake online marketing services. These scammers often promise amazing results and increased profits, leaving the naive business owners into believing they can expect exponential growth of their business only to be disappointed when they are left with nothing but an empty wallet.

Social media management services are essential tools to help businesses grow their presence in the digital sphere. With my services, you can be sure that I will provide the expertise and dedication necessary to ensure your brand’s goals are achieved. For this reason, I require that a monthly retainer fee be paid in advance so that I can remain focused on providing high quality work and unparalleled customer service. My services include a full suite of creative and advertising plans tailored to meet the needs of each client and experienced ongoing maintenance to drive increased engagement. With my help, you will reap benefits such as increased website traffic, more qualified leads, higher conversion rates, and greater return on investment.

Quality social media management and marketing is essential for any business looking to make an impact in the digital space. Unfortunately, there are many under-qualified or inexperienced marketers out there who try to offer these services for bargain prices, focusing too heavily on quantity rather than quality. That’s why it’s important to look for service providers who have a set of qualifications beyond what others may be offering at lower prices. As a social media marketer with years of experience, knowledge and skill that have been accumulated through education and successful campaigns, I understand why my services cost more substantially than those offered by others – they are simply of much better quality and represent a greater value.

Marketers asking for extremely low prices should be avoided as they likely aren’t able to provide you with a satisfactory result.

From 2023 onward, I am changing my approach to social media management/marketing packages.

Instead of providing predetermined packages, I will personalize each solution to best meet the needs of individual clients. This approach enables me to quickly understand what a client’s goals and expectations are, allowing us to save time by avoiding miscommunication and getting straight to work right away. Ultimately, this tailored approach ensures that a unique solution is created for every new project.

Other services offered by

Eleanor - Social Media Manager


Sending cold emails to potential clients is a great way to increase sales and build relationships with unfamiliar customers. By using online resources and search engines, I can easily locate prospects that would be interested in my client’s services, which allows me to create a prospect list for the client.

Business Profile Creation

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level and make a splash in the industry, then creating an informative and high-quality business profile is a great way to do it. With my services, I can help you create a strong profile that reflects the essence of your business. Not only that but also I can ensure that all necessary information is properly formatted and detailed accurately so you can trust potential clients will have all they need at their fingertips. From there, your great reputation as well as company knowledge are in perfect shape to be seen!

Creative Writing Services

As a creative writing specialist, my services help bring literary projects to life! I work with individuals and organizations to discover their individual stories, craft them into engaging written works and give them the voice they deserve. From proofreading and editing, to crafting imaginative content from scratch – no task is too daunting. Together we can create something truly special; let’s get started today on telling your unique story!


Copywriting is an invaluable asset to businesses, as it has the potential to increase leads, conversions, reach new audiences, and create brand awareness. My copywriting services will ensure that your company’s message is communicated effectively and on-point for your target audience. I can help you create compelling copy that drives engagement and makes a measurable impact on your business. Whether you need website content, blog posts, press releases, or product descriptions, I can lend my expertise to create standout content that resonates with readers. With my writing skills and industry knowledge, I will craft the perfect copy for you – something that captures everything your company stands for in just the right words!

Public Relations

Public relations services are an invaluable asset that businesses of any size can benefit from. From cultivating relationships with media contacts to developing campaigns and carrying out marketing initiatives, I offer comprehensive public relations expertise that will help promote your business. My experience guiding businesses through the complexities of PR will provide you with the insight and strategy needed to drive positive change in your organization. Together we can work to create a successful PR strategy that will result in increased recognition, more profitable partnerships, and an enhanced reputation.


Are you a business owner looking to take your social media marketing into your own hands? Many entrepreneurs wish to take this task on themselves, but feel overwhelmed by the constant demand for content and engagement. I understand completely and want to help! My social media management coaching services are created with you in mind. I offer handy tips from how to come up with post ideas to how to write effective headlines, all tailored towards helping you grow better brand awareness and visibility. With me as your coach, you can learn the best practices that will help your target audience find and connect with your business or product quickly. Don’t be afraid – let me help make social media marketing doable and even fun!

Website Creation

Michael does website building for our clients, and I must say that he is a genius when it comes to this job. From choosing the best designs to arranging content effectively on various pages, he often creates websites that surpass any expectations his clients may have had. He’s got an amazing eye for detail and an outstanding ability to come up with creative ways to make the website functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. His efforts have earned him numerous praises from past clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Our effective SEO services have helped countless companies gain visibility and soar ahead of the competition. We tailor our approach to each business in order to ensure maximum profitability for their investments in time, energy and money. By utilizing industry-specific keywords and content that appeals to a targeted audience, our team has been able to refine results. We’ve established relationships with our clients that work closely together so that progress is consistently monitored and adaptations are made as needed.

Hosting Services

If you’re looking to host your website or emails, then you’ve come to the right place! Our hosting services have been developed to give both big businesses and small startups the power they need to create a digital presence that is reliable and effective. We manage essential backend tasks that include domain name registration, DNS management, security protocols, malware scanning, and data backups. All of our hosting plans are designed to let you focus on developing your site or running your business without dealing with technical issues.

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