As an entrepreneur, you understand the value of having someone professional handling your business’s phone calls. Be it for marketing or courtesy follow up calls, the phone is one of the oldest yet least utilized tools in current small business environments.

Many small entrepreneurs either don’t have the time, the self-confidence or even the knowledge of proper phone call etiquette to make the phone work for them and their business.

There is a negative stigma that surround telemarketers because these type of calls are usually annoying, received at inconvenient times and the person making the call is usually very persistent and “robot like”. 

Now imagine how your business will grow if you have someone who…

  • Is bubbly, REAL and considers the person who answers the phone’s mood before bulldozing them into an unwanted conversation?
  • Builds trust in your product/service by really caring about what needs your potential client has?
  • Does not simply call a client because this person appears on a list, but cares about your client and is passionate about your business? 
  • Calls a debtor on your business’s behalf and honestly tries to resolve outstanding payments without having to involve lawyers and collection agencies. This client will forever stay a client.
  • Has the fire in her to do follow up and customer service satisfaction calls to ensure that your clients trust, recommend and stay loyal to your brand?
  • Imagine having someone who handles your sales calls in such a way that the potential client feels rapport with your company? Does not feel “bothered” by the calls or feels smothered by the sales lady on the phone?
  • Imagine having a call center available to your business, no matter how small/new your business is, and benefitting from a service that is usually only available to big budget spending companies?
  • Imagine not stressing about booking flights, cars or hotels when your company needs to travel because it is taken care of, for you?